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Karate Hall

Karate Hall

【Description of item】
The main dish is Japanese black beef sukiyaki, with rolled sushi and inari sushi included.

This item is available for in-store pickup only.
*We accept orders for bento boxes totaling 10,800 yen or more.
*Orders will be accepted 5 days prior to pick-up. Please enter the desired pick-up date in the comments section.

[Product size]
Length 27cm x Width 18cm x Height 5cm
One serving (approx. 500g)

[Product Contents]
Sukeroku sushi (domestic), five-grain rice (domestic), inari sushi (domestic), fish tempura, grilled flatfish with saikyo miso, firm tofu, beef sukiyaki, shrimp tempura, grilled eel, Shinada rolls, thick omelet, deep-fried squid with arare, bamboo-flavored glutinous rice, white spring onion, threaded konnyaku, lotus root, kinome

[7 major allergens]
Wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp

【expiration date】
Please consume as soon as possible on the day of receipt.

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